Travel Bangladesh : Dhaka Division

:: Laucchapara Picnic Spot

For the city people who are bored with everyday life and are looking for a vacation with nature, this is the right place. This picnic spot is situated in the Jamalpur district of Mymensingh division. Being one of the popular picnic spots, this place has a lot to offer. Starting from birds to different types of friendly animals and obviously the fresh air of the mesmerizing weather. Although the place is situated in the Jamalpur district, it is very near to the Sherpur district too, the bus fare from Sherpur district to Laucharapara is only 20 Bangladeshi Taka.

:: Luis Village Resort and Park

Being the best resort of Jamalpur it has a lot to offer, such as an amusement park, flocks of beautiful animals, good hospitality and all kind of assistance, which a good resort provides. As it is a resort and a park too, it has a lot of visitors, staying there on your vacation to Jamalpur would be a great decision if you are looking for a luxurious holiday.

:: Doyamorye Debi Temple

This is a very old temple, which was built two hundred years ago. This antique temple is situated in the Jamalpur district. According to the people, in this temple, the Goddess of Hinduism; Durga had once visited this temple at a dark night. This temple is filled with histories and to find the gist of it, visiting the temple is mandatory.

:: Shah Jamal’s Shrine

The shrine is situated in the Jamalpur District and is very near to the river of Brahmaputra. Shah Jamal’s Majhar is a historic shrine, which was built before hundreds of years ago. On the other hand, very near to the shrine, there is a beautiful mosque, where the Muslim travelers can pray. After visiting the shrine the tourists can also go to sightsee the Brahmaputra River.

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