Travel Bangladesh : Dhaka Division

:: Gajni Parjatan Center

Gajni Parjatan Center is 220 km far from Dhaka. Where you will find the natural beauty of hills, lakes, forest & lots of birds here, it is a natural tourist spot where you can see the tribal life of our tribes. You can enjoy boating in the lake and also there is a natural waterfall what you will like to watch. If you are lucky, enough you can see the wild elephants in the forest.

Other attractions in and around Dhaka include the Institute of Arts and Crafts with its representative collection of folk art and paintings, handicraft shops. Aparajeya Bangla monument, picnic spots at Chandra and Salna, cruising by country boat in the nearby river or a visit to a village to see jute cultivation, weaving and pottery making.

The Vacation Center of Ghazni is filled with natural beauty. It is situated in the hill, from where the tourists can also visit the slopes of the hill. The place has an amusement park, which consists of different statues such as dragon statues, giraffe statues, and many others. On the other hand, there is a watch tower and lotus ladder to visit, which can be a great experience too. The place is situated in the Sherpur District

:: Madhutila Ecopark

In 1999 the work for constructing Madhutila Forest to Madhutila Ecopark was declared. The park is now situated in the Sherpur district of Mymensingh division. However, it was successfully constructed. The total size of the park is around 383 acres. Madhutila park is very near to Dhaka too, it is only about 200 kilometers. The park consists of different amusement features, such as a lake, star bridge, mini zoo and many others such as children’s park.

:: Rajar Pahar

Rajar Pahar is a hill, which consists of the beauty of little rivers and agricultural beauty too. The view from the top of the hill is mesmerizing. It is very near to the Meghalaya and the Garo Hills, so, visiting those places after visiting Rajar Pahar is a must! Rajar Pahar is situated in the Sherpur district. The tourists should be visiting the king’s residence, the inheritance of the kings and obviously, the mountain

:: Ghaghra Khan Jami Mosque

This is the predominant and most visited mosque of Sherpur district. The mosque has been established for more than 1600 years! It was built during the reign of the Mughal emperors. During the time of Hingi Khan, the mosque was constructed and established. It is located in the village named Jhenaigati, it was basically the village of Ghagra Khan. Explore the histories and also the splendid construction of this old mosque.

:: Panihata Toruni Hills

Who wouldn’t like to visit hills, which enrapture the beauty of nature? Enjoy the mesmerizing view of lakes by the mountain and obviously the unbeatable weather. The place is situated in the Sherpur district, it is, in fact, one of the most visited places in the district. Being situated in the Nalitabari sub-district it will take around 1-2 hours to reach the place from the predominant place of Sherpur district as it is 25 kilometers away and roads are vast.

:: Mysahba Jami Mosque

This mosque is a great example of great architecture. It was built before 250 years. However, the mosque has been rebuilt with a new design. Having tall minarets, it looks beautiful. It is situated in the Sherpur district and is a very popular mosque in the place.

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