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Mymensingh Division

Currently, there are 8 different administrative divisions in Bangladesh and Mymensingh is the seventh division. It has been recognized as a division since the year 2015 on 12th January. Previously, before Mymensingh was administrated as a division, it was situated in the northern part of Dhaka; the capital of Bangladesh. Mymensingh division is now covering a huge of the country by possessing different districts under it. The districts include Kishoreganj, Netrakona, Jamalpur, Tangail, Sherpur and Mymensingh district. Mymensingh division captures 10584 km square kilometers of Bangladesh. On the other hand, currently, around 11370000 people are building up the population. Education of good quality and health security are being provided all over the division.

Mymensingh District

Mymensingh district is the most popular district among the six districts, which fall under the Mymensingh division. It is situated in the south by the Gazipur district and east of the Netrokona district. Mymensingh district covers more than 4000-kilometer square consisting of beautiful forests and also valleys. The area has a suitable temperature, during deep winter, the temperature drops down to 12 degree Celsius and according to the records, the highest temperature is 33 degrees Celcius. It is indeed a great place to visit for nature lovers.

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