Jogdol Rajbari

Jog Dol Rajbari is another palace of a nobleman, who lived before decades. This palace is situated in Thakurgao District, which is very near to Rangpur district. This palace was built when the preaching of Islamic religion had begun in the area Bangladesh is situated. Visiting different Mosques and Temples can be a great trip for pious travelers and on the other hand, traveling this place indeed can be a refreshing trip for different people. A few parts of the palace has faced wreckage due to its lifespan, as it has been there for ages and ages.

Haripur Rajbari

Thakurgaon is definitely the place to explore different palaces and royal places. Haripur Rajbari is another palace of another landlord. This place is exclusive for its festivals relating to different religions, royal palaces, Nag Mahal and many others. This place was built during the British Empire, in the 19th century and ‘till now it is one of the most concrete palaces there is. Visiting different temples is a must thing to do at this place.

Raja Tanankathar Raj Bari

The noble King Tanankath had left a beautiful palace for our amusement. It is another palace situated in Thakurgaon. There is a very popular temple in the place under Buddhainath. The blood touched color of the building with such get architectural work will blow the mind of most travelers, on the other hand, the Ramchandra temple is yet another beauty situated very near to the Raj Bari.

Fantasy Amusement Park

A beautiful amusement park situated in Thakurgaon. If you are traveling with children then they might get bored by traveling through all these palaces of different noble people, however, a good treat for them would be a visit to an amusement park. Fantasy Amusement Park, does not have a child’s sector only which is filled with different rides but also, stores where you can find handcrafted utensils and tools!

Jamalpur Jamidar Bari

Another palace, which is situated in Thakurgaon. This palace is situated in the west of Jamalpur. With its exceptionally beautiful look, people are obviously going to be mesmerized. It was built in the year 1862, and ‘till now its strong and concrete architectural quality keeps it on feet. While visiting Pirajganj and Sirajganj, while crossing the airport, you can just drop by this palace.

Baliya Mosque

It is a very popular mosque, which is situated in the Thakurgaon District. This is one of the oldest mosques situated in Bangladesh, people say that this mosque was built during the 13th century, which makes this mosque more than 700 years old. However, this mosque has been rebuilt, with a better design. Dropping by this mosque during your trek of Thakurgaon district will obviously be a great idea.

Shalbari Masjid and Imambara

Visiting this glorious residence of an honorable Imam, is indeed something many Islamic pious travels would love to do. The place is situated in Thakurgao district. Hearing histories which of this honorable man will bring tears in your eyes and it is narrated in the Shalbari Masjid. Other than visiting the Imambara, there also is Ispahan town, which is an incredibly beautiful place to visit.

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