Vinnya Jagat

The phrase “Vinnya Jagat” stands for “A Different Kind of World”. This place indubitably has unique and beautiful experiences waiting for you and your family. Explore the blend of natural beauty along with an artificial touch. This park has jaw-dropping sculptures of dinosaurs, dragons and different other animals for the amusement of your children. On the other hand, Monishider Kotha is a refreshing place for the adults. There is a smoking barrier and that must not be crossed.

[Vinnya Jagat, Rangpur]

Tajhat Jamidar Bari

Another royal and historic place, which lays within the Rangpur district! Tajhat Jamidar Bari is situated in the Tajhat Village, which is six kilometers away from the city of Rangpur Division. After the death of the noble Landlord named Mannalal, his son Gopal Lal carried on with the inheritance. There is a worth visiting museum situated over there, which is beautiful and obviously, knowing about the histories of Jamidar Tajhat is an extra treat for the history lovers.

[Tajhat Jamidar Bari]

Mirzapur Shahi Mosque

This beautifully built mosque is situated in the Atwari Upazila, which is within Rangpur district. This ancient mosque was built in the 16th century, however, the structure of it has been updated and now it is even more beautiful. Visiting a mosque, which was built during the Mughal Empire can be a dream to many, why miss the opportunity?


A very renowned public figure of Bangladesh; Rokeya Khatun, who took the step of awakening Bengali women’s birthplace is Pairaband. Visiting that place for remembering her can indeed refresh our mind. There are a few must-visit places, for the people who appreciate good deeds in Pairaband and that includes, Rokeya College; which is a house of thousands of potential students, The Smriti Parliament of Begum Rokeya and also the Gokkendra Library of Begum Rokeya in Pairaband.

[Begum Rokeya Statue]

Debi Chowdhuranir Jamidar Bari

This historical place with its dazzling ponds, castles and untold stories, it is definitely a place where tourists must set their feet at for at least one time in life. The history of the survival of a goddess lays on this ancient and beautiful place. Roam across numerous royal and old properties, such as buildings castles and many others, to get this authentic slice of Bangladesh, which cannot be found elsewhere. Visiting different temples like Shiva, Harih and Bishnupur will let you know more about their culture, customs and beliefs, so, for the cultural knowledge enthusiasts, it is going to be a magnificent trek.

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