A beautiful river tank in Nilphamari district can be a great place to relax after a whole day of the journey. The blend of natural beauty, authentic food, and fresh weather together can actually lead to an ecstasy of beautiful feelings. Visiting Nilphamari and not dropping by this place will be a mistake!

Harishchondor Path

This is a beautiful palace of Harishchandra, who was a great scholar and a landlord. It is situated in the Nilphamari district and is a place, which is visited by most of the tourists. Harishchandra’s lessons can be accessed over there. To visit this place, you have to go north of the Kata River. Harishchondor Path is indeed a historical place to visit.

Chini Masjid

This is a mosque, which is located in the Nilphamari district. This is indeed an ancient mosque as it was built in the late 18th century; 1863 to be exact. The mosque is beautiful, as it was built with the effort of hundreds of craftsmen, architects, and artists of that time. The uniqueness of the design makes it extremely eye-catching.

Drarmala House

This is a place with a beautiful scenario and it is situated in the Nilphamari district. Touring the agricultural site of Bangladesh is a common craving for many people. To explore the green beauty of Bangladesh, you can visit this site. The place is located in Dharmala, which is in the east of Deonai River.

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