Having a break is also necessary when you are traveling, right? SKS is one of the glamorous resorts in Rangpur Division, it is situated in the Gaibandha district. Try out different types of authentic food of that place and live with luxury in the rest house. The blend of reasonable price and luxury SKS has is not found in most rest rooms nowadays and that is worth appreciating. Explore the speechless beauty of the place, specially at night.

Dreamland and Educational Park

This is indeed a great place to take your children to. Dreamland educational park is situated in Gaibandha, which is very near to Rangpur district and during the trek back to Dhaka, people can often drop by at that place. Explore the beauty of education and fun together. There are different rides in this amusement park, which the children can go for. Some rides are exclusive and trying them out is a must. For the amusement of the literature lovers, they can visit the area of sculptures, where there are sculptures of different honorable Bangladeshi poets and musicians like Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam.

Naodanga Zamidar Bari

It is a palace located in the Kurigram District. Without a doubt, it is one of the most ancient places to visit in the Fulbari Upazila. The palace was built before the division of India took place. For the travelers from Dhaka, it will be easy to go there, if the tourists take a bus from Kalyanpur.

Ulipuro Munshibari

This is another palace, built during the liberation war of Bangladesh against Pakistan. It is situated in the Kurigram district. Explore different paintings of different painters in the house. The house was attacked by the Pakistani Army during the war and that is what makes this place historical.

Chandmari Masjid

This is a mosque built the Rajarhat Upazila of Kurigram district. The mosque was built during the Mughal age in the latter 15th century. The unique design of the mosque will without a doubt catch your attention. On the other hand, visiting such a strong architectural mosque would be a great experience too.

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