Travel Bangladesh : Chattogram Division

:: Shrine of Hazrat Bayezead Bostami

The shrine of this famous saint is situated in Chattogram. This great priest came to Chattogram in the 10th Century to spread the religion of Islam. You can also visit the ancient rare variety of Turtles in the Dighi in the Shrine premises. This shrine attracts a large number of visitors and pilgrims. At its base is a large tank with several hundred tortoises. Tradition has it that these animals are the descendants of the evil spirits (genii) who were cast into this shape because they incurred the wrath of the great saint who visited the place about 1100 years ago.

Knowing about different interesting myths and mysteries about Hazrat Bayezead Bostami is a part of the trek to the place. Other things, which you can witness at that place is a race of Turtle, which is known as Bostami Turtle. The shell of those turtles are surprisingly soft. It is located near Nasirabad of Chattogram.

:: Shrine of Shah Amanat

The Shrine of Shah Amanat is another place of religious attraction, located in the heart of the town; the shrine is visited by hundreds of people everyday who pay homage to the memory of the saint. Shah Amanat was a famous saint of Chattogram and still now is one of the most remembered saints of Bangladesh. Histories say that this holy saint used to serve as a hanging fan puller before becoming a holy being.

Near to this spot there are different other similar places too, which you can visit after you visit this shrine. If you travel to Chattogram by plane, it is a taxi ride of 45 minutes to the shrine from the airport, so, starting your journey with the shrine is not a bad idea.

:: Foy’s Lake

This lake is a natural beauty of Chattogram, where you can enjoy boating and also you can spend your leisure time in a serene atmosphere of lake and hills.

This is in Pahartoli, a satellite town of Chattogram. A park has been built in Foy’s lake with different exciting rides and children would love to visit this place.

Other than the park, there is a water park too now. According to majority of the travelers, the Water Park is in fact the main attraction of the place. The park is known as Foy’s Lake Amusement World. For resting there is also a resort in Foy’s Lake.

[Fays lake at Chattogram]

:: Patenga and Fouzdarhat Sea Beaches

[Patenga and Fouzdarhat Sea Beaches]

Patenga beach is about 22 km. from Chattogram and is approachable by a motorable road. On the way to the beach, one passes the Patenga Airport. Another ideal picnic spot is the Fouzdarhat sea-beach about 16 km. from Chattogram. Patenga sea beach is one of the major attractions of Chattogram for the tourists. Besides the sea beach, you can enjoy boating and river cruise in the River Karnaphuli. You can see the busy seaport activities here.

:: Port Area

Located near the river mouth of the river Karnaphuli, the Chattogram port has a recorded history from 9th century. Today, this is the principal seaport of the country. Being located at Chattogram, it is the busiest seaport on Bay of Bengal’s coastline and the 70th busiest seaport in the world. It is in fact the oldest seaport of Bangladesh.

For the Bangladeshi business enthusiasts, it is important to visit Chattogram seaport at least once in life because exploring one of the busiest business area of Bangladesh can enhance the kind of knowledge business enthusiasts seek.

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