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:: Susang Durgapur

Susang Durgapur is 182 km from Dhaka, a real natural beauty of forest river & hills area where the Garos and other tribal live. You can also enjoy boating in the river. Wild Elephant Sometimes comes from forest. But going to Susang Durgapur is a real troublesome for the tourists due to the location and communication problem in this area. It is advisable only to go there in winter season.

Susang Durgapur is now the main tourist attraction of Netrokona, however, according to traveler reviews, the road/pathway to the place is a little bit bumpy, so, it is wise to drive carefully to the place. Being the heart of Birishiri, Netrokona, Susang Durgapur, is visited by hundreds of tourists every day and during the vacation season, the amount of tourists is even more.

Birishiri is one of the most visited places in Netrokona. It is a very old Village, with huge heritage and traditions. Different places to see in this village are Cultural Academy, Orange Queen Dighi, Kullagara Temple and many others. Staying there for a day or two would be great if the tourist wants to properly visit the whole village.

[Birishiri, Durgapur - Netrokona]

:: Someshwari River

This little and beautiful river is situated in the Netrokona District. The river is only 50 kilometers but the beauty of it is worth watching. The river is near the West Garo Hills, which is very close to Meghalaya. It is one of the peak destinations to visit in Netrokona and country’s development board has taken a number of contacts to develop the river’s beauty.

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