Travel Bangladesh :Chottogram Division

:: War Cemetery

Second World War warrior’s graveyards are in this Cemetery. There are graves of world war martyrs who died during 1939 to 1945 are situated in this graveyard. In this cemetery at a quiet and picturesque place within the city lie buried in eternal peace over 700 soldiers from England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, Myanmar, East and West Africa, The Netherlands and Japan who laid down their lives on the Myanmar front during the World War II. Every year a number of tourists come here to visit this Cemetery

The place is situated at Dampara; traveling around 20 kilometers from the airport to the north will help you to reach the place. Exploring the burial area is a must, when you are visiting this place, with the blend of nature and the graves of honorable people, it is definitely a place worth visiting. There are different types of trees in the place, including jungle, flowering and fruit trees and obviously, a guest house with a friendly approach and homely hospitality for resting.

[War Cemetery]

:: Zia memorial Museum

Previously it was known as Circuit house where the former President of Bangladesh Zia-ur Rahman and one of the architects of the liberation war was killed by a group of disgruntled army personnel. To the memory of Zia, the Circuit house was declared as Zia Memorial museum .In this museum you can see late president Zia-ur Rahman’s daily usage materials. The museum was built after Ziaur Rahma; an old president of Bangladesh was assassinated. Without a doubt, this place is one of the greatest craft of architecture in Bangladesh.

There are twelve different galleries inside this museum, which, and exploring them is a refreshment to the mind. Different photos of Bangladesh histories, including, photos of previous presidents like Ziaur Rahman can be found in the galleries. The place is located in the Shahid Saifuddin Khaled Road of Chottogram. The closing hour of the place is 5:30 PM, so, visiting there during the morning or early afternoon, would be the best as you will have enough time to explore the whole beautiful museum.

:: Ethnological Museum

This museum located in Agrabad is a treasure house of a variety of tribal culture and heritage of Bangladesh. 1965 was the year when this historical museum was first established, however, the landmark officially became a tourist spot for the public in the year 1974. With the popularity it gained in a small time, it had to extend its contents, so, therefore, just after a decade, two more rooms were added to the museum for the addition of more artifacts and other objects of cultural and historical importance. Later also another gallery was added to the museum where different popular folk articles are presented on special occasions.

[Ethnological Museum]

With its mesmerizing popularity now, the museum is visited around 300 foreign and local tavelers every single day, visitors from all over the country visit that place with pride. Exploring the museum, will make you attain knowledge about different parts of Bangladesh, their way of living and obviously, uniquely aspiring lifestyles. The place is situated in Sabdar Ali Road of Chottogram and it closes by 6 p.m., so, reaching there by at least afternoon is crucial if you want to explore and find out about the whole museum.

:: Court Building Museum

Situated on the Fairy Hill, this building commands a panoramic bird's eye view of Chottogram. This had been the scene of intense activity during the independence war 1971. A Museum has been established here. The builders started constructing this monument of the museum in 1892, with the strong craftsmanship and efficiency, the monument had its final touch in the year 1898. The place is also known as “Parir Pahar”, which means the hill of a fairy.

[Court Building Museum]

The exact location of the place is in the Chottogram Court Building Road. It is not only a museum but also a great architectural piece of Bangladesh. As I have mentioned before that it was built in the 18th century, it is indeed a heritage for us. However, the place closes at 9 p.m, so, paying it an evening is going to be a wise decision.

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